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Bright visions

Every era has its generation of bold minds. Those who dare to dream of the future and preserve what’s worth holding onto. Throughout time and across the world, the Marimekko community has bonded over this simple aspiration—to live positively.

Bright visions spreads the sheer joy of goodwill and optimism. We’ve gathered the boldest prints in the brightest colors for star pieces that will boost your confidence and charm your home. The collection features silky low-impact cupro, organic cotton, and premium leather in timeless silhouettes.


You are today's dream-makers and future-shapers. Let's build a brighter tomorrow together.



Our dress philosophy


Little did we know that one small message would inspire an entire lifestyle universe. Since the beginning, our philosophy has been to live positively. Forget trends, forget time, even forget fashion. When you dress in Marimekko, you aren’t just wearing world-famous prints in timeless silhouettes, you’re inviting yourself to feel joy.



Dress the way you want to feel