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The art of embracing the moment – four tips for unforgettable festivities

Tap into the festive world of Marimekko


A true master of ceremonies always finds a reason to celebrate with friends. We put together tips for the holiday season’s most innovative table setting that will be the talk of the town for a long time to come.  ​ ​


Now is the time to introduce rich tones, playful patterns, and earthy materials in your home – without forgetting fragrant flowers and herbs. The best parties are those your guests remember long after. Ichigo ichie is a Japanese philosophy that encourages you to cherish every moment as if it were a treasure; every small moment can be transformed into a celebration.



1. A tablecloth that grows in length

A celebration can be seen as beautiful details, tasted in flavors, or experienced as surfaces and fragrances. When you really want to invest in your table setting, find a table long enough to accommodate all your guests. You can also make a giant table by combining different tables. Similarly, you can create a unique tablecloth from various pieces of fabric. Sewing together a tablecloth of the right size, length, and look is easy with fabrics sold by the meter. ​


2. Candles as a centerpiece

A living flame adds a warm glow to dark evenings. A beautiful composition of different candle holders not only brings light but also acts as a whimsical and eye-catching centerpiece. This means that silliness is absolutely allowed: this year, you can even go ahead and bake a candle holder. Just stick beeswax candles into a bun loaf decorating the table. You can also try filling your favorite cups with coarse salt and placing candles in them. Add a final touch to the fragrant bun light feature with Marimekko’s glass candle holders – a modern classic.



3. Experiences for all the senses

Small things worth celebrating can be dotted around the table setting or served in different forms at different stages of the dinner. Create a unique look for a festive table setting by mixing different textures, tones, shapes, and patterns. Our Oiva tableware has been designed for creative dining. The brown stoneware has a natural, coarse texture on the outside and a lovely rough feel. Stackable Oiva bowls and plates can be used to build an impressive, tiered serving stand for cheese, for example.


4. Decorate with flowers and fruits

Nothing puts you in the holiday mood more than scents and aromas of the season. Fun details, such as fragrant decorative fruit and small vases scattered here and there, are charming additions amongst various treats and delicacies. Arrange rosemary, mint, and pepper twigs in vases of different colors. The tiny Mini and curvy Flower vases are must-haves for all flower arrangers, as they set no limits to your creativity.


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